33rd Triennial Centenary Conference



Circular 8/2019 – Board and Committee Nominees

Circular 8/2019 – Board and Committee Nominees 

Circular 7/2019 – Constitutional Amendments Circular

Circular 7/2019 – Constitutional Amendments Circular 

Circular 6/2019 – Board and Committee Travel Grants

Circular 6/2019 – Reimbursement of Expenses – Board and Committees 

Circular 5/2019 – Call for Bids for the 2022 GWI Triennial Conference

 Annex 1 – 34th Triennial Conference Bid Information 

Annex 2 – GWI Triennial Conference Bid Form 

Circular 4/2019 – Resolutions Extension

Circular 4/2019 Extension of Resolutions Deadline

Resolutions Submissions Form

Young Member Workshop – “Connecting the Power of GWI Young Members”

Young Member Workshop Flyer 

Update from the President – Young Member Workshop, Registration Fee and Travel Subsidies

Circular 3/2019 – 33rd General Assembly Preliminary Agenda

Rules of Procedure for face-to-face meeting of the GWI General Assembly
Draft Agenda of the 33rd GWI General Assembly

Circular 2/2019 – National Federation and Association 2019 Triennial General Assembly Reports

NFA 2019 Triennial General Assembly Form

Circular 1/2019 – Nominations Deadline Extension

Nomination Application Form

Board of Officers Job Descriptions

Committee Terms of Reference

Candidate Instruction Form

Bio Data Forms

Board of Officers

Education Committee

Finance Committee

Hegg Hoffet Committee

International Fellowship Committee

Project Development Committee

Membership Committee

Resolution Committee