Become A Member


Benefits of Membership

GWI and its national affiliates offer members opportunities to:

  • – Influence policy and legislation on women’s issues at the international level
  • – Gain an international perspective of women’s issues
  • – Belong to an influential international non-governmental organisation
  • – Access an international network of educated women around the world
  • – Participate in regional and global GWI conferences, seminars and training
  • – Obtain automatic eligibility to apply for fellowship grants
  • – Promote your personal expertise by presenting papers…Read More

Membership Eligibility

GWI membership is open to all women graduates with recognised degrees, diplomas or equivalent qualifications from institutions of higher education, irrespective of age, ethnic group, nationality, political opinions, sexual orientation or religious belief…Read More


Independent Membership

Independent membership opens GWI’s international network to women graduates from countries where there is not yet an GWI affiliate. If there is already a national association or federation (NFA) in your country of residence, please contact them directly to apply for membership. Membership with an GWI national federation/association affiliate gives you automatic membership of GWI…Read More


Form a Group

GWI welcomes new associations from countries where there is no existing national federation or association.

To qualify for GWI affiliation, a new group must:

  • – Be open to all eligible women graduates residing in the country, irrespective of ethnic group, nationality, political opinion…Read More

Associate Membership

Join the worldwide network of graduate women from around the world to empower women and girls through lifelong education. Associate membership of GWI offers institutions and non-profit organisations that seek to promote gender equality and education for women, the opportunity to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship towards these aims…Read More



GWI welcomes volunteers and interns to our office in Geneva. Volunteering with GWI offers the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with an international NGO and contribute to our work towards empowering girls and women worldwide through secondary…