International Advocacy


Education, both formal and informal, underpins effective change. GWI encourages graduate women to use their expertise to bring about change, with particular reference to the education of girls, adult literacy and numeracy, access and advancement of women…



Areas of Focus

Education is a cross-cutting issue that applies to many areas and the focus of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. GWI’s advocacy priorities reflect the need for action in many areas that touch girls’ and women’s lives, with a view to providing access to higher and continuing education and human rights education throughout…




International Advocacy & GWI at the United Nations

GWI provides a global voice for women graduates, working for the adoption and implementation of international agreements that will protect and benefit all girls and women. We invite you to click the Read More button to view our advocacy reports on quality, secondary education for girls, women’s empowerment, the Commission for the Status of Women, and more….




United Nations Representatives

GWI is represented at four key United Nations centres in Geneva, New York, Paris and Vienna. Our UN Representatives champion the GWI mission by participating at UN meetings and reporting back on various on-mission topics being discussed by international policy makers.




Legal Tools & Conventions 

Astarting point of advocacy is to understand what has already been agreed upon between states and what governments have publicly committed to do. The relevant legal tools that concern the advancement of education and human rights for women in the international arena are listed below…




Policy Position Papers

Recognising the many socio-cultural, legal and other challenges faced by girls and women worldwide, GWI identifies its position and makes recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders on issues relating to education, gender and human rights.




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