Policy Papers

Recognising the many socio-cultural, legal and other challenges faced by girls and women worldwide, GWI identifies its position and makes recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders on issues relating to education, gender and human rights.

The 10 GWI 34th triennial Policy Resolutions final text can accessed HERE

  • Resolution 1: Securing increased Domestic Funding for Education to include equal and safe access to Digital Learning
  • Resolution 2: Promoting and defending human rights of women in universities and other post-secondary forms of education
  • Resolution 3: Workplace Harassment
  • Resolution 4: To end under representation of women in media as a positive contribution to improve the status of all women in the world
  • Resolution 5: Violence Against Women in Politics
  • Resolution 6: Post Pandemic Recovery for Women and Girls
  • Resolution 7: Climate Change and Gender
  • Resolution 8: A Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment is a Human Right
  • Resolution 9: Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans
  • Resolution 10: Single Use Plastics and Plastic Packaging

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