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Independent Members

Independent membership opens GWI’s international network to women graduates from countries where there is not yet a GWI affiliate and to women graduates who do not wish to join





Regional Groups

 GWI’s regional groups offer members opportunities to exchange ideas and work together with members from nearby countries, experiencing the international aspect of GWI…





100 Years of International Federation of University Women and Graduate Women International 1919-2019

In 1918, during the visit of a British universities mission to the United States, Dean Virginia Gildersleeve of Barnard College, USA, met Professor Caroline Spurgeon of the University of London, and Rose Sidgwick of the University of Birmingham, England. They discussed the need for a worldwide organization uniting university women as one way of preventing another catastrophe such as WW1. United globally, graduate women could work for understanding, friendship and foster peace. This link will guide you through the first 100 years of Inspiring a Vision for the International Federation of University Women, now Graduate Women International. We encourage you to take a thorough look at this fascinating Cavalcade of Women.

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