ID-10047016GWI welcomes volunteers and interns to our office in Geneva. Volunteering with GWI offers the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with an international NGO and contribute to our work towards empowering girls and women worldwide through secondary, tertiary and continuing education.

If you are interested in volunteering at GWI, please email gwi@graduatewomen.org. For volunteer opportunities in other locations, please consult our list of national federations and associations and contact the relevant affiliate directly.

Internship opportunities.

GWI welcomes internship applications from young women who have a special interest in education and women’s rights. GWI contributes to its mission of empowering women and girls through its internship programme. Internships take place at the GWI headquarters in Versoix, Switzerland and compulsory Swiss health insurance is required. To submit an application, please email gwi@graduatewomen.org 




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