Graduate Women International Netherlands



President and CIR: Saskia Voortman


Graduate Women International Netherlands wants to work together with her members and like minded persons and/or NGOs to improve the position of women and girls worldwide. GWI-NL focuses on education in the broadest sense of the word. Education is an effective tool because it promotes self-management and empowerment of women and girls, which helps them to become independent, self-confident and powerful in life and to respect themselves and each other.

Upcoming Events

12 May 2017: Expert Meeting 15:00-17:00 in The Hague


Ted Strop-von Meijefeldt, chairperson Platform Women & Sustainable Peace and has many years of practical and policy experience and commitment to this topic, including women who live in the diaspora.

Anne Kwakkenbos, leader of ‘Resolution 1325’ at Wo=Men, which is dedicated to women’s rights in developing countries.

Register via email at before 6 May

Following the discussion, GWI-NL will host their Annual General Meeting.

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