Fellowships & Grants

Fellowships & Grants


Education is the key to gender equality, economic promotion, better health and much more besides. Access to secondary, tertiary and continuing education is, however, still a distant dream for millions of girls and women. The fellowships and grants offered by GWI and its national affiliates support the research, study and training needed to open doors to quality higher and continuing education for women and girls throughout the world.

Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship

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 We appreciate your contributions to the GWI 2019 fellowship that embodies the mission of GWI. Your donation can be directly deposited to the following account:    

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Meet the GWI (previously IFUW) International Fellows and Grantees

GWI International Fellowships and Grants support postgraduate research, study and training for women.

National funding offered by GWI affiliates targets all levels of education, from primary and secondary education, to undergraduate studies and postgraduate research, study and training. Read stories from past winners to learn what a difference educational funding can make to women. These awards are made possible through the generous support of GWI members and friends. You can help by making a donation, however large or small. For award details and eligibility requirements, click on International Awards or National Awards.

Some past awardees include:

  • Funds for Women Graduates Fellowship: Yovitha Sedekia of Tanzania, Family planning services for women who want to delay their first pregnancy in Southern Tanzania; a mixed methods study of perceptions, demand and service provision (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK).
  • CFUW A. Vibert Douglas International Fellowship: Laura Jan Obermuller of Guyana, My Guyana El Dorado, alluring to all: Lokono Arawaks and Akawaios perspectives on RDD+ initiatives (University of St Andrews, UK).
  • Ida Smedley MacLean Fellowship: Maria Elvira Alvarez of Bolivia, Women in the public sphere in Bolivia from the Chaco War to the National Revolution (1935-1952) (Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, France).
  • Winifred Cullis Grant: Bindu Sunny of India, Understanding schooling and sexual behavior trajectories and their influences on school dropout (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK).
  • Winifred Cullis Grant: Darja Groselj of Slovenia, Rethinking the role of material and cultural factors in digital inequalities: A qualitative examination (University of Oxford, UK).
  • Dorothy Leet Grant: Arti Ghopal Bhatti of India, Influence of globalization on challenges faced by ethnic women students of higher education in London (University of London, UK).
  • Daphne Purvis Grant: Anne Kaagestein of Sweden, Assessing gender norms contextualized by relationships among young adolescents in poor urban settings (John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA).
  • Daphne Purvis Grant: Logeswari Ponnusamy of India, Role of gene-environmental interaction (epigenetics) in acquired chemotherapeutic drug resistance in breast cancer and reversal of resistance using epigenetic drugs (Texas Tech University USA).
  • Fumi Takano Award: Josephine Iacarella of the USA, Understanding variation in the impacts of invasive species in aquatic ecosystems (McGill University, Canada).
  • IFUW Recognition Award: Pon Souvannaseng of Thailand, Going for broke: the political economy of development in contemporary Lao PDR (2000-2013) (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK).

All awards are made possible through the generous support of GWI members and friends.

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