Benefits of Membership

 Why Join GWI?

GWI and its national affiliates offer members opportunities to:

  • Influence policy and legislation on women’s issues at the international level
  • Gain an international perspective of women’s issues
  • Belong to an influential international non-governmental organisation
  • Access an international network of educated women around the world
  • Participate in regional and global GWI conferences, seminars and training
  • Obtain automatic eligibility to apply for fellowship grants
  • Promote your personal expertise by presenting papers, workshops or seminars

Join us!

  • Are you a woman graduate with a university degree, diploma or equivalent qualification from a recognised institution of higher learning?
  • Are you a woman who has been accepted for a Master’s or Doctoral programme at a recognised tertiary institution?
  • Are you interested in opportunities to make contacts and friends with women of all ages, from different countries, cultures and professions?
  • Are you ready to use your knowledge and skills to help make a difference for your community, especially for girls and women?

Membership is based on country of residence, not nationality. We invite you to become a member of GWI by joining one of our national federations and associations (NFAs) among the countries below. The single membership fee you pay to the national association includes both your national and GWI membership. As a national member you will have the added benefit of contacts with graduate women at the local and national level and can participate in a range of activities and meetings in your country of residence.

If your country of residence is not in the list below, you can apply for independent membership. Groups of 20 members or more are encouraged to start a new association in countries where one does not exist and GWI will be pleased to work with you to help you develop your association.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please email:



Member Helena Niomi Macey from Australia says:

“I knew I wanted to join you one day. It is universal among women, the many long struggles we face to achieve the beginnings of our dreams. Graduating with my BA in History and Public Administration from the University of Queensland was my beginning. After 10 years away from our collective struggle (as women, life-givers, mothers, sisters, friends) to start a family, I wish to return to our eternal struggle (that is, the improvement of the human condition, and of humankind).”

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