FEMU Mexico
Affects of Menopause on women's access to work and swocial protection. March 12
The National Council of Women of Canada-NCWC, NGO Committee on the Status of Women Geneva, Europe and North America CSW Caucus
Human rights of women, Violence against women, Women and health
SDG3 – Good Health and Well-Being, SDG5 – Gender Equality
Sexual Health and Reproduction Education (2019)
Access to health should be a right globally and access to information about menopause should be basic for education, son this relates to the NFA since a lot of the members are with menopause, and this info should be accessible to every woman.
The session addressed the importance of having the right access to information about menopause and how this should be a human right for all women: to know the symptoms is essential for having the right diagnosis for this situation.

The session also addressed how the health system is lider by men and there's a gap between the women's health and the patriarchy.
This session impacts one more time all the members because we have the right to access to information about what's going on our bodies.

The next steps are to have the right access to information and for all women have the right to a good health system.


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