FEMU Mexico
Disability justice, youth leadership and systemic gender-based violence: Counternarratives from the Global South. March 13
Women Gaining Ground, CREA, Kenyan network for women with disabilities (Kenya), Femme forte (Uganda), Bonhishikha (Bangladesh)
Women in power and decision-making, Human rights of women, Violence against women, Women and health
SDG5 – Gender Equality
Disability (2016), Tolerance of Minority Groups (2016), Young Members (2016)
The advocacy with my NFA and the work with women with disabilities still needs to be very well worked and it needs to be more written about the conditions of women with disabilities since their voices.
The main focus of the session was to improve the relationship between structural inequalities and the persistence of gender-based violence centering on disability justice from the voices of young leaders.
Is a very important topic talk about disabilities and how these can have the loom from the intersectional feminism.

What needs to be done is to hear their voices so that governmental plans can be done from their perspectives.


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