Women on Boards – Impactful Leadership for Systemic Change and Inclusive Entities
Sponsoring Organization: STEM-Institute
Women in power and decision-making, Women and the economy, Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Institutional mechanisms
SDG4 – Quality Education, SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
Women and STEM (2019)
Diversity and Women on Boards shifts decision-making dynamics
to create balanced equitable innovative leadership for a
sustainable future. Spreakers spoke about their own journey and and how they achieved theire goals to become successful "high-level Women CEOs and decision makers" at Univeristies and NGO's . Some had male mentors. Do not sell yourself short, you cab achieve what ever you want to do. Also the equal pay cape was mentioned as Anne Negre was succesfull in lodgeing a collective complaint concerning the violation of the European Social Charter to the European Committee of Social Rights by the University Women of Europe (UWE). The complaint was on equal pay for equal work between man and women in 5 states in Europe: such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia.
Awareness, best practices

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