19/3A Seat At The Table: Addressing Violence in Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
Women Graduates-USA
The girl child, Women and the economy, Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Violence against women, Women and poverty
SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
Human Trafficking (2016), Human Rights for Refugee and Refugee Women and Children (2019)
Survivor Leaders and Allies in the Fight to Address Extreme Violence in Sex Trafficking, Prostitution, and Linked Exploitations Discuss the 2020 Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP) and it's Recommendations: Justice, Equality, and Inclusiveness.

Survivors should be speaking at the table of goverment, civil socities, and look at not only children but also women & men. And do something about the demand, the buyers as well as the trafficers! Also do not point to other countries, you need to look at your own country. US should ratify CEDAW!
Sex Trafficking is a business model, pure and simpel!!!!!!! So it needs to be broken up.
Awareness and work together with other NFA's, learn from each other And see what NFAs can do in their own country.

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