Independent Member, Egypt.
CSW65 Side Event: The Rapid Response to Women and Girls needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tuesday 16 March 2021.
Egyptian National Council for Women, UN Women Egypt and UNFPA Egypt.
Women in power and decision-making, The girl child, Women and the economy, Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Violence against women, Women and poverty, Women and health, Women and the media
SDG3 – Good Health and Well-Being, SDG4 – Quality Education, SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality, SDG11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG17 – Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Bullying (2016), Disability (2016), Harassment (2016), FGM (2016), Child Marriage (2016), Sexual Health and Reproduction Education (2019)
The session covered the majority of issues related to women facing the COVID-19 Pandemic, providing suggestions on how to minimize the negative impact of this pandemic and sharing successful measures that were already implemented.
The Egyptian National Council for Women (NCW); in collaboration with China, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Zambia; presented a "Ministerial Interactive Dialogue" demonstrating national and regional efforts to respond to women and girls needs during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. They shared Egypt's Policy Paper titled " Strengthening national and international rapid response to the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on women and girls". This policy was adopted unanimously as a resolution by the UN General Assembly ( The aim of the policy is to provide a gender- sensitive approach to women and girls during the time of the pandemic. The session started by analyzing the situation,identifying the most vulnerable segments of women and the response measures suggested for them. These response measures targeted women and girls' physical and mental health, their social and economic protection, the needed intervention measures for elderly and disabled women, the necessity of digitalizing education and providing the needed infrastructure, protecting the girl child and preventing all forms of VAW, and ensuring women's equal chances in leadership and decision making. NCW Egypt also launched the "Women Policy Tracker" which included indicators and techniques to monitor the rapid and gender-sensitive responses to women and girls' needs. The session was a follow up on the implementation of the related policies and programs dividing responses into immediate recovery, short term and long term interventions that rely on already existing mechanisms as well as initiating new ones. The end result is to have an inclusive healthy society for women and girls.
The session provided the first policy ever to address women and girls needs in the time of the pandemic and the necessity of a rapid response. The response measures are comprehensive and can be adopted and modified to fit different local communities. These measures are peaceful, practical and doable.

GWI can partner with NCW Egypt to exchange successful experiences in empowering women and girls. NFAs can benefit from NCW by outsourcing training for their members in topics such as preventing VAW, ending FGM, promoting women’s political participation and entrepreneurship. Members can adopt NCW’s successful campaigns in a variety of gender related issues and modify them to fit their local and national needs.

Author: Sahar Gamal

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