Great Britain
Women on Boards – Impactful Leadership
STEM institute
Women in power and decision-making, Women and the economy, Education and training of women
SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
Building Peace through Women’s Education (2019)
Highlighting the disparity at present but talking about everything from public education to private profit-making enterprises. At national level Alex Blakemore's statistics were very much related to GB
Interesting and varied approach, including some very practical down to earth advice about giving each other a helping hand and starting with matters in your own locality that really matter to you.
We can encourage members to come forward for board and similar positions, whether for large listed companies or for local school governorships.

Push for equal representation in all boards at all levels. It is something where developing countries seem to have the edge on western countries – opportunities to learn, is it because there are fewer established barriers to overcome and they are starting from where they want to be?

Author: Margaret Middlemass

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