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The financial resources in Bulgaria and Balkans countries are limited. The fiscal policy is restrictive. It do not permit fully to be financed the payments by unemployment of women, social protection and s.o. We need more effective management of public finance.
The participation of women in decision-making support the achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It will more important during recovery of economy from the COVID-19 pandemic. The participation of women by allocation of financial recourses and distribution of the budget would make these activities more effective . On 1 January 2021, only 11% of countries in the world had financial ministers – women. What you need for gender equity in public finance:
• Public management for gender equity;
• Support of institutions;
• Women leadership;
• Gender oriented budget.
In session participated women leaders from Costa Rica, India, Morocco and Rwanda representing finance ministries, supreme audit institutions. They presented barriers and stereotyping overcome for more active participations of women in decision making process in Public finance.
Effective management of public resources;
Women participation by distribution of national and local budgets.

The budget procedure has several stages:
• identification of needs
• preparation of programs
• funding of the programs
• getting results
The participation of women leaders to present the female point of view will make this process effective and will overcome gender stereotypes.

Author: Kamelia Assenova

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