GWI Written Statement HRC29

GWI has submitted a written statement to the 29th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC29). The statement entitled “Full Realisation of the Right to Education for Girls and Women” emphasises the right to education as a standalone international human right and an enabler of numerous other human rights, which must be promoted, protected and provided to all people without discrimination

Education is a catalyst for multisector socio-economic progress including:

  • enhancing sustainable development;
  • fostering fiscal growth;
  • combatting poverty;
  • eradicating illiteracy; and
  • promoting tolerance and peace.

There is a concrete and direct correlation between the most fundamental human right of all – the right to life – and its intrinsic connection with the right to education. By providing mothers with a primary level education, maternal death rates would fall by two thirds – saving almost one hundred thousand lives. Extending this paradigm to include mothers with a secondary education, child deaths would be reduced by half, saving a further three million lives.

To strengthen the human right to education, in particular for girls and women GWI has made several recommendations for multilateral and multistakeholder committment.

Read the statement in full here.


Author: Amy Paunila

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