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    Commission on the Status of Women 2018
    Ministerial Level Roundtable #2
    Part 4
    By Geeta Desai,
    Graduate Women International President

    Topic: Good practices in the empowerment of rural women and girls through prevention of GBV and access to justice, social services and healthcare.

    Czech Republic: relies on strong legal framework and appropriate sanctions. Has outlined rights and obligations of patients and providers to facilitate access to health services. Social services to individuals are provided by state and municipalities. Study on availability of shelters for GBV victims, showed sufficient shelters remain a challenge. Plan for prevention of GBV includes involvement of NGOs and academia and outlines specific measures – including legal assistance.

    Yemen: Economic social conditions are difficult in rural areas. Wars and conflict have challenged rural areas – lack of drinking water, security and the spread of diseases, food insecurity. Country is appealing to international community to create programs for rural areas.

    Sweden: Governance emphasis on competence and outreach. Feminist government is responsible for all women and girls. The entire country has ownership of and obligations to fulfill national strategy. Strategy
    is prevention – including men and girls – training, education and competence among professionals, relevant education on GBV targeting all professional areas will be basis for competence to treat victims –
    outreach to boys and girls – website – Refugees need information in their own languages. In process of changing curricula on sexual health and reproductive rights and mainstreaming these topics into current
    education for boys and men.

    Thailand: Women’s Development Fund provides access to healthcare. Development of Action Plan on GBV with all relevant sectors – national legislation being considered.

    Trinidad and Tobago: National action plan before cabinet. A central registry of domestic violence, national hotline and shelters, gender sensitizing workshops are provided. Women’s Institute for Alternative Development partners with law enforcement to fight crime. Need more shelters.

    Kazakhstan: SDGs are embedded in family and gender policy with emphasis on rural populations. Focus on employment and entrepreneurship, soft loans to rural areas, empowerment strategies for rural women’s participation in decision-making and management. 20% of rural households headed by women so focus on women’s economic development, access to higher education through grants, micro-credit, lower tax burdens, access to social services, access to Internet in rural areas, healthcare with telecommunications health centers and aviation medical services, pro-bono legal services. Special standards identified in social services to support Trafficking victims.

    Malaysia: Legal frameworks are amended for laws against domestic violence, for emergency protection orders, against sexual offenses against children. In place, advocacy to create awareness throughout government and civil society. Information sharing with other ASEAN countries. Provision of free legal aid for victims, counselling services, one stop centers for services and care for GBV victims, quality health care through national system complemented by private healthcare.




    Thank you, Geeta.

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