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    Report submitted by Susan Russell, CFUW

    Today I met a young Turkish journalist who had been given 24 hours to leave Turkey. He told me his version of what is happening there:

    After the failed coup of July 2016 the UN Committee on CEDAW raised serious concerns about women In Turkey:

    – Absense of comprehensicve health care
    – National law on violence against women
    – Lack of provision of health services and maternity health in prisons
    – Discrimination against Adisadvantaged minority groups including Kurdish women
    – Women in labour taken into custody
    Torture of women who have been detained or arrested
    – Arrest of women while they visit their husbands are in jail
    – Denial of treatment of purged women

    Other issues include schools, universities and dormitories shut down 2,099
    Arrested 46,875
    Detained 94,224
    Sacked 128.624
    Academics lost jobs 7,316
    Judges, prosecutors dismissed
    Media outlet shut down 146
    Journalists arrested 162

    Since July 2016

    Based on official news sources and the concluding observations on the 7th periodic report of Turkey CEDAW/C/TUR/CO/7

    Check the website at http://www.turkeypurge.com

    The young man to whom I spoke talked of horrendous human rights violations against women. He is now based in NY.

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