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    Side Event: Iceland: Study on the Pay Gap

    [Report on the outcomes of the study to come]

    How much should governments step in the fix the gender pay gap?

    Use whatever you have, legislation, funding, the kitchen sink and throw it at the gap.
    The gender gap has existed for so long we have to start doing something about it. It’s almost negligence not to act.

    The UN is a marvel of modernism but modern things also get old. The modern progressive idea of equal pay for equal work is getting old. 1951. So if the idea of equal pay was a human, it would be retiring right now. But this old idea is too much for modern times. Do we have something robust in in hands right now?

    1975 the women of Iceland walked out. The participants at CSW61 staged a 1 minute walkout to honor the original intention while watching a video of the event.

    “Women give 90% of what they earn to their families. Men only give 40%”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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