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    Side Event: Women, Peace and Security and Prevention: New directions and opportunities

    Women Peace and Security Resolution 1325 was about preventing war, not making it safer for women

    Permanent Representative to Spain:
    Resolution 2242 – goes fare beyond the Security Council (SC) – Spain has made considerable efforts re Res. 1325 – the best and most timely analysis is useless if it’s not acted upon. This remains one of the most important gaps in the women peace and security agenda.

    Spain initiatives

    – after adoption of Res. 2242: created the 2242 experts group of which UN Women is the secretariate
    – consensus is very difficult to build upon.
    – many countries have national action plans for Res. 1325
    – not shared enough best practices on how to shorten challenges
    – in 2016, Spain launched a national focal points network – the first meeting of this network will take place in Alicante in 2017 in April

    UK: Ambassador Wilson
    Implementation of the global study on women, peace and security – Nigeria, Chad, Niger – without dealing with women’s marginalization, we cannot build on conflict resolution
    – we sometimes spend time on protection but we need to talk about empowerment to make progress
    – Dr. Simar – first women briefer on this agenda and it’s been around for 29 years!
    – creating a women’s mediation network in the Mediterranean, we need to get more women involved in this field! (mediation)
    – need to focus on these agendas in a meaningful way

    The UN SG puts sustaining peace and sustaining development front and center.
    – need to review the prevention agenda in an integrated manner and bring all pillars together
    – pledge to ‘leave no one behind’ and sustaining peace
    – best means of prevention is inclusive and sustainable development
    – include all segments of society, most critically women, and provide meaningful participation of women at all levels especially in peace
    – gender equality and inclusion are some of the strongest prevention tools.
    – Res. 2242 – puts women, peace and security in a modern context
    – we can better prevent conflict when we have women empowered and included in the process
    – we have more sustainable solutions when women participate
    – we need to reduce corruption, sex. exploitation and abuse both domestic and international in context
    women’s situation rooms have been incorporated in areas for mediation all over Africa – makes a huge difference and relies only on modest resources and are effective tools for growth, sustainability and peace
    – but women are rarely involved or funded for involvement
    – will work with the newly created peace building commission (PBC) – first of its kind for a body at the UN
    – nesolution 2242 is a gender sensitive approach to peace, including women in the peace process.
    – Women’s empowerment can reduce violent extremism.
    – all strategies should recognize victims of violence and women’s right violations
    – prevention is the core mandate of the UN and gender equality is paramount


    IPI (International Peace Institute)
    2242- global study – gender equality is the strongest indicator of a country’s stability – as gender equality increases, gender violence decreases

    Susan Aref: (Iraq)
    – need a clear strategy
    – ISIL uses sexual violence as a target for terror
    – those living in areas under ISIL control are at great risk violations of their rights
    – women and girls are subjected to increasing restrictions and need men to defend them.


    Side Event: Iceland: Study on the Pay Gap

    [Report on the outcomes of the study to come]

    How much should governments step in the fix the gender pay gap?

    Use whatever you have, legislation, funding, the kitchen sink and throw it at the gap.
    The gender gap has existed for so long we have to start doing something about it. It’s almost negligence not to act.

    The UN is a marvel of modernism but modern things also get old. The modern progressive idea of equal pay for equal work is getting old. 1951. So if the idea of equal pay was a human, it would be retiring right now. But this old idea is too much for modern times. Do we have something robust in in hands right now?

    1975 the women of Iceland walked out. The participants at CSW61 staged a 1 minute walkout to honor the original intention while watching a video of the event.

    “Women give 90% of what they earn to their families. Men only give 40%”

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