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    Mission of Bangladesh, Columbia, UN Women and VGIF
    Impact of Skill Development for Women’s Economic Empowerment
    – See more at: http://www.unwomen.org/en/csw/csw61-2017/side-events/calendar-of-side-events#23March

    Jeri Rhodes, President of VGIF Moderator

    Amb. Masud bin Momen, PR to UN from Bangladesh

    Ms. Cathy Stevaluk, film maker.. ‘Threads’
    ..artisan sector is the 2nd largest sector in the economies of the developing world
    .. women work at home and often with craft
    .. people want to purchase authentic crafts
    .. stories of women’s empowerment in the craft world, mentorship, diversity, complexity and opportunity of skill development, ownership rights, issue of prevention of child marriage, diversify occupational choices, safety in working at home vs leaving the home to go to work
    Think about ways we can have women’s artisan work at conventions etc. Talk about the creative economy.

    Movie ‘Threads’ shows the struggle for women to achieve economic empowerment through their artistic skills

    Mr Bjorn Gillsater.. world bank
    Head of world bank office. World basnk has achieved gender balance.
    Role of formal and technical vocational training.
    .. skills development is critical for world bank.. central catalyst for empowerment for w/g
    .. 2.5B $ invested in education / empowerment of w/g… also vocational skills training paired with like skills training leads to an Inc in employment
    .. skills training leads to enhanced to the job market
    .. mentorship also matters. Engaging men as mentors is helpful

    H.e. Mrs Maher Afroze, MP, Bangladesh
    – created a skills development policy in 2011
    – Supports women entrepreneurs
    – Contributes to the economic empowerment of women and children through skills development
    -Bangladesh is known to be a champion country for economic empowerment of women
    Movie ‘threads’ struggle for women to achieve economic empowerment through their artistic skills

    Amb Maria Emam Mejia Velez, Colombia
    .. Women’s economic empowerment
    .. quoted the McKinsey study on Women’s equality. Role women play in the economy is essential for the economy of the country
    UN SDG Agenda 2030.. 43 presentations in June about implementing 2030. How to introduce all the goals and targets.. all the goals, not just SDG 5
    How to deal with societies that are post conflict .. 40% of combatants in Colombia are Women and girls that have to become productive citizens post-conflict. How to sustain peace – women can play a role in that.. experiment

    Mr A.H. Monjurul Kabir, UN women
    W/o gender equality, SDGs will not be achieved. 40% of world’s workforce are women but they are not always recognized as a part of the economy. Need structural and family support.
    Bring women to the workforce challenges.. issues of security and family/community cultures. In certain communities can’t open horizons larger than the community can support there artisan incomes are important. Challenges of networking, microcredit and govt recognition com into play.

    Ms Nasima Begum
    Sec’y ministry of women and child affairs, Bangladesh
    .. improve the quality of skills learning in Bangladesh
    .. digital Bangladesh… ICT literacy training
    .. safe working environments in the garment sector

    Mr MD Ziaul islam
    Sec’y planning division of Bangladesh

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