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    This post was submitted by Roberta Ostler Balmer

    Each year, the CSW gathers together in NYC with several thousand women (8,6000) in attendance, it is the largest gathering of international women at the UN. And an opportunity is provided for leaders in gender equality and empowerment to influence the UN agenda.
    I have had the privilege to attend the CSW for several years, often as a Canadian Delegate.This year was an eyeopener, with regard to Human Trafficking.
    I did not know that Disney Theme Park Parking lots are a principal location for trading.
    I did not know that Truck Stops and Hotel parking serves the same purpose.
    There are main routes through Eastern Europe and the Southern States; also world wide. The situation is rife.
    Lichtenstein and Nigeria gave an excellent presentation with a panel of experts from ILO and the International Anti-Slavery Association.California also presented a strong case with reference to trafficking,migrants and the facilities for their care.
    “It is about power and the exclusion of power. An extremely lucrative model of organized crime”
    Aidan McQuade. Anti Slavery International.
    Last September following the W20 in China, I was invited to participate in a Round table discussion at the Dept. Of Global Affairs.The discussion focused on the SDG’s and the empowerment of Women in the workforce.
    Social occasions at CSW provide a great opportunity for networking and meeting eminent people i.e. Mme Monsef, Minister of Womens’ Rights.
    Precorization and intersectionality appeared to be the words for this year.
    Where do we go from here; having been informed and stimulated, let us act on our principles.

    N.B on a lighter note:-
    While slithering along the snowy road, a young man came to my assistance; not content with taking my arm, he picked me up and carried me over the snowbank, then set me down on the Hotel path!

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