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    Morning Briefing

    Lakshmi Puri:
    – CSW 60- set roadmap for implementation of 2030 Agenda.
    – CSW 61 – recommits to the 2030 agenda by consolidating and building on the 2017 theme which is the first time the csw61 theme (women’s empowerment in the changing world of work) has been talked about and focused on.
    — we really have to work to use our wisdom along with the how and the what of implementation, pushing the frontiers and the member states to make new commitments for women’s economic empowerment on the changing world of work.
    — need to push the responsibility of the state in the women’s economic empowerment area re work.
    — the current atmosphere is good. With our support and advocacy we can make a good report on the agreed conclusions.

    — we need to focus on indigenous women and take advantage of the forward movement on issues re indigenous women.

    — we need to link the MDGs with the SDGs.

    – nothing will put us down, not even snow


    Side Event: Launch of the Barbership Toolkit (Iceland)

    Iceland minister – Barbershop toolkit for #heforshe
    Launched at csw61 for a gender equality work. Women cannot wait another 130 years.

    The Barbershop toolkit is a means to mobilize men and boys for gender equality.

    Head of #heforshe at UN women
    Story about a starving girl in Zimbabwe that was fed by a UN worker. As Africans we must uplift each other was her response when he asked her why she was there. The young girl in the story turned out to be the speaker, who set the UN worker as a role model for her future self.

    3 inequalities.. race, gender, social

    “To uplift one member of society, you have to uplift the whole society. “

    “By changing someone’s world, we change the whole world”

    Men are largely missing from the discussion about gender equality. Barbershops are safe places for men to get together and talk. Gender equality is a win-win situation. Iceland is the ideal country to launch this toolkit.

    Making the toolkit
    .. multiplier effect when different stakeholders work together
    .. next important step is to engage men and boys
    .. 1 o of 9 m have joined the #heforshe movement.. but we need all men to engage
    .. the barbershop name comes from spaces occupied by men/boys
    .. it does not talk about excluding women, but about including men.

    The toolkit
    Includes the video of Tom stranger, a convicted rapist, talking about himself as a convicted rapist and how has learned to understand the impact of his violation against his victim. Men cannot turn a blind eye to sexual violence and can change. Rape is carried out by a small percentage of men. Also talks about accountability

    Tom has become engaged in talking to other men and have those conversations about sexual violence… and with women.

    As men and boys are part of the problem, they have to be part of the solution.

    The world makes a rapist, women don’t give birth to them.

    We need to change the idea of what masculinity means

    Sports are an excellent way to teach boys about gender equality. Shoot like a girl!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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