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    Submitted by Sophie Turner Zaretsky,UN Representative

    *Susan O’Malley, Chair of NGO/CSW,New York
    *Lopa Banerjee,UN Women,
    *Annette Lawton from UK
    *Indigenous Woman from Australia

    the night. Agreement on 30 paragraphs, 70 paragraphs left for agreement. Small group clusters working on contentious issues.
    Access to meetings where negotiations are occurring is limited and there is no access to the UN after 6pm for NGOs. UN Women addressing this issue and Secretary General’s office was contacted. Civil society space is decreasing in the world, however, there is some positive change at the UN, e.g. with young people playing a bigger role.
    Attendance was smaller than expected and smaller than at CSW60. Over 8600 reps pre-registered but only 3800 attended.US visa restrictions played a part. 560 organization attended. There were over 400 parallel events. Due to the subject of the priority theme, trade unions, labor organizations, domestic worker alliances and others were well represented.
    Regarding the review theme, member states are accountable for what they have done about previous agreed conclusions and there were voluntary presentations.
    On emerging theme, indigenous people were mentioned but there was no action. It was stressed that indigenous people must be included if they are being discussed.
    Thoughts from Annette Lawton, who attended Beijing: must push to be at the table at negotiations. This is how the Beijing platform for action succeeded.
    From the floor regarding future meetings: Need more attention to persons with disabilities e.g. captioning for the hearing challenged. Young women must be included in negotiations and be part of delegations. More information needed for first time attendees at the time of registration (re: CSW format). Widows of all ages face discrimination, need data collection (re: marital status) in member states. Need data about how many delegations include members of civil society to increase the number of voices having access to officials who will be negotiating.
    Ireland will be chair of CSW62. Rural women will be on the agenda.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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