Equality and Equity in accessing decent jobs and new technology, through social dialogue. (Mon 6th parallel event)
The girl child, Education and training of women
SDG4 – Quality Education, SDG5 – Gender Equality
Diversity in Teacher Education (2019), Women and STEM (2019), Workplace Harassment (2022)
relates to the current RESCOM work and the link between education and ensuring that women and girls are not left behind by the advance of STEM and IT systems
Canada has ratified C190.
Still need work to enforce the harassment of women at work including working from home (as per RESCOM/Neelams sessions)
Teacher training needs to understand the new world… kids are linked to screens and do not have basic writing skills. they suffer loss of attention space and cannot read long and complex docs/books. kids are making more than teachers by being 'influencers' or 'digital creators'. teachers don't understand this and cannot help with the management of exploitation that may happen.

Who pays for the electricity for home workers.
Are home workers ( India) being paid less or for less hours as the employers assume that child care is taking them away from their desks.
build themes into RESCOM workplace harassment and STEM

build themes into RESCOM workplace harassment and STEM webinars


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