Evening Odds in Digital Education for Marginalized Women and Girls (CFUW side event)
Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Women and poverty
SDG4 – Quality Education
Diversity in Teacher Education (2019), Women and STEM (2019)
Lessons from Covid that can be used in the developing world of Digital Education in general
Stephanie Hodge speaks … preparing the schools for the covid-19 closures and converting to online learning for all was a massive learning curve. However the lessons learned that can be used in climate change challenges online education gives an opportunity for expansion of inclusive online assessment. girls were less likely to return to school after the pandemic, and this gave a double disadvantage for many.
Beverly Park is a school superintendent and speaks on equitable education for all. She relates Canadian and Gambian examples to contrast. evening the odds for the teachers as well as the children Shirley Randal contrasts Australia and Rwanda.
Jaya gives the teachers perspective in Oz including indigenous population
transferring skills and lessons learned by sharing good practice

Hopefully Further work by the GWI associations involved – a webinar version of this?


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