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As well as educating young women on the necessity and benefit of taking earlier control of their pension there is work to be done in communities where migrants and refugees may be entitled to payments.
As an ageing population it is even more important to educate women on the equalities faced in later life through pensions and widows payments.

The pension gap is now expanding along with the pay gap and is not recognised by Govts

Pensions for widows are often aimed at older women rather than young widows from conflict for example. In addition many men who are lost in combat are not declared dead which leads to delay in pension or other payments.

as well as the gap created by maternity leave, many women give up work earlier than male counterparts to take on more unpaid caring duties.

Educating young women around accessibility and necessity of pension contribution is a core aim.
For example the Work of the WASPI women in UK is ongoing and highlights the topic allowing for further conversation.

Intersecting Blindfolds: – where the Government does not accept the needs of the poor they cannot interact in society an da poverty cycle is created from which they cannot escape.
By educating women on their rights they challenge not only their right to pension but other community matters.

Equal pay for Equal work needs to be challenged – as this also impacts potential pension.

So called ‘soft’ jobs need to be evaluated against the actual skills required not out dated job titles.

eg secretarial work when its a female – personal assistant when its a man .

all NFA’s can take this to Govt’s to have proper job assessments. Also links to the data disaggregation piece where the comparators are not available.


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