34th Triennial General Assembly and Conference

Welcome to the GWI 34th triennial webpage.  We are excited about the General Assembly and Conference coming up in a few months!  We invite you to follow the link below to register for the From Growth to Sustainability virtual General Assembly and Conference.  Registration is only 60 Swiss francs.

Register here today! 34th Triennial General Assembly and Conference

Subthemes for the 34th Triennial General Assembly and Conference are shown in the graphic below.  Workshops, seminars and panel discussions will centre around these five themes that relate to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 4.

Circular 21-2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Circular 20/2022:  34th Triennial 10 Policy Resolution Final Texts

Circular 19/2022: Board of Officers and Committee Candidates

2023-2025 Candidates for Positions on the GWI Board of Officers 2022-2025

2022-2025 Candidate profiles for Committee Conveners and Members 2022-2025

Circular 18/2022: 34th Triennial Rules of Procedure, Agenda and Conference Schedule

Circular 16/2022: Proposed GWI Constitutional Amendments

Circular 15/2022: 34th Triennial Early Bird Registration Extended Until 31 October

Circular 14/2022: Policy Resolution Amendments: Deadline to submit amended text 10 October 2022

Circular 13/2022: Call for Voting Delegate Credentials – deadline 30 September 

Voting Delegate Credentials e-form can be accessed here.

          Circular 13/2022- DEADLINE REMINDER

Circular 12-1/2022: 34th Triennial Reports: GWI Board of Officers – deadline 30 September

Circular 12-2/2022: 34th Triennial Reports: Committee Convenor, United Nations Representatives and Executive Director-deadline 30 September

Circular 11/2022 – 34th Triennial Reports: National Federations and Associations for the 34th Triennial General Assembly  – deadline 30 September

Circular 11/2022 NFA Reports Form

          Circular 11/2022- DEADLINE REMINDER

Circular 10/2022 – Announcement of 34th Triennial Nomination Committee Members

Circular 10/2022 – Nominations Committee Members Profiles

Circular 9/2022 – 34th General Assembly Draft Agenda

Circular 8/2022 -proposed Constitutional Resolutions

Circular 8 2022 Proposed Constitutional Resolutions Submission Form

Circular 7/2022 – International Resolution 3: The Rate of Annual Dues Payable to GWI by NFAs

Circular 6/2022 V3- 2nd Call for Nominations for GWI Board of Officers and Standing Committees

Circular 6/2022 – Call for Nominations for GWI Board of Officers and Standing Committees

Circular 6/2022 supporting documentation:

Executive Board Descriptions

Committee Terms of Reference

Circular 5/2022- GWI Constitution Article VI section 9.1 Deadline Postponed 

Circular 4/ 2022 – Call for Proposals for Interdisciplinary Seminars to be held at the GWI 34th Triennial General Assembly and Conference to be held virtually 11-13 November 2022 

Circular 3/ 2022 – Call for Proposals for Workshops to be held at the GWI 34th Triennial General Assembly and Conference to be held virtually 11-13 November 2022  

Circular 2/ 2022 – DEADLINE EXTENSION: 22 May Circular 2/2022 – Call for GWI NFA Voting Delegate Credentials Statements for the GWI Electronic Vote 

Circular 2/2022 – Call for Voting Delegate Credentials Statements for the Electronic Vote to be held 1-3 June 2022 

Circular 1/2022 – Call for Policy Resolutions for the GWI 34th Triennial General Assembly  

Interactive workshops and seminars will be presented by GWI members by the Young Member Network, and members from Canada, El Salvador, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Spain, Turkey and the U.S.A. 

The full workshop and seminar programme can be found HERE.

During the conference, one Zoom event item can be selected from each time frame session.

All sessions and panels will focus on the event theme and subthemes with the goal to Renew and Rebuild GWI and pivot towards a sharper focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, build working relationships with external stakeholders, and engage members in practical SDG 4 projects. Sessions complementing the subthemes will be offered by experts from GWI membership as well as distinguished and international speakers.

The virtual General Assembly and Conference is open to all GWI members worldwide. Registration is 60 Swiss francs. Register today by clicking HERE!   Non-members of GWI are invited to register for the Conference portion HERE.

The 10 GWI 34th triennial Policy Resolutions final text can accessed HERE

Resolution 1: Securing increased Domestic Funding for Education to include equal and safe access to Digital Learning

Resolution 2: Promoting and defending human rights of women in universities and other post-secondary forms of education

Resolution 3: Workplace Harassment

Resolution 4: To end under representation of women in media as a positive contribution to improve the status of all women in the world

Resolution 5: Violence Against Women in Politics

Resolution 6: Post Pandemic Recovery for Women and Girls

Resolution 7: Climate Change and Gender

Resolution 8: A Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment is a Human Right

Resolution 9: Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans

Resolution 10: Single Use Plastics and Plastic Packaging

GWI offers every three years, on the occasion of its triennium, a fellowships programme that makes it possible for women graduates to complete exciting research in many important fields. Click HERE for more details on the fellowships. 

The 2022 award winners are:

The GWI 2022 Winifred Cullis Fellowship was awarded to Caitlin McMillan, Canadian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, PhD title: Making space for the Displaced: Examining the Impact of Humanitarian practices on care and Wellbeing amongst Refugees in Cyprus.

Funds for Women Graduates- Crosby Hall Fellowship was awarded to Samantha Newby, American, University of Manchester, PhD title: The Design of a Textile-Based, Wearable, Thin-Film System for Harvesting and Storing Body Thermal Energy.

Ida Smedley Maclean International Fellowship British Federation of Women Graduates was awarded to Elisa Genovesi, Italian, Kings College London, PhD title: Development and pilot evaluation of a programme to help teachers support children with developmental disabilities in mainstream school settings in Ethiopia.

Daphne Purves Award – New Zealand was awarded to Isabela Dos Santos, Brazilian/Canadian, University of Toronto, PhD topic: An Oasis of Peace in the Heart of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Case of Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom.

Fay Weber Grant was awarded to Klara Mundilova, Czech, MIT, PhD title: Curved crease origami design from theory to practice.

Cynthia Burek Environmental Recognition Award was awarded to Hannah Fitchett, British, University of St. Andrews, PhD Title: The ‘nature’ of Climate Activism: an examination of Extinction Rebellion as a movement of conceptual and ethical reform in London and Madrid.

Nazan Moroglu Young Members Recognition Award was awarded to Shalini Nair, Indian, University of Sussex, PhD title: Exclusionary discourse of sexual violence in India.

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Eliza Goodpasture, American, University of York, PhD title: Kindred Spirits: Friendship and Ambition Among Women Artists in England, 1870-1920.

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Sarah Hiepler, American, University of Aberdeen, PhD title: Death’s place in museum practices, displays, and interpretation: an ethnography examining death in university museums in the UK.

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Michele Pflug, American, University of Oregon, PhD title: ‘In pursuit of her Butterflies’: Madness, Violence, and Science in the English Countryside, 1650-1715”. 

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Hebatallah Tolba, Egyptian, University of East London, PhD title: A becoming: Materiality, affect and subjectivity in women’s religious rituals practice in Egypt.

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Diana Volpe, Italian, University of Oxford, PhD title: Legitimacy, discourse, and power: Italy-Libya relations, and the case of the Mediterranean. 

GWI Recognition Award was awarded to Yurung Yu, Chinese, Imperial College London, PhD topic: Measuring biodiversity impacts with more precision, less bias and more influence.