NGO CSW Geneva Consultation Day
Women's Rights Activists in International Geneva
Women in power and decision-making, Women and the economy, Human rights of women, Education and training of women, Violence against women, Institutional mechanisms, Women and health
SDG3 – Good Health and Well-Being, SDG4 – Quality Education, SDG5 – Gender Equality, SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality, SDG16 – Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, SDG17 – Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Harassment (2016), Young Members (2016), Building Peace through Women’s Education (2019)
Since this was the introductory session for those attending UNCSW65 it covered a lot of ground and related to many, many issues that women are dealing with at all levels.
This event was both celebratory and informative. There was a wide range of speakers, all very well prepared and articulate. Music was well chosen and uplifting or inspiring. There was a lot of information conveyed, too much to capture in a brief report.
The session would be impactful to any GWI members in terms of the information it imparted about UNCSW and the related work done by NGOs to both give input to CSW and to support the work that CSW is doing. This can help drive systemic change as well as conditions for women and girls at the local level.

Clearly widespread collaboration is already happening and is key. The whole conference is ideal for fostering further collaboration.

Author: Barb MacLellan

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