World Education Forum 2015

The World Education Forum (WEF) is currently underway (18 – 22 May), taking place in Incheon, South Korea. As part of the WEF, the 2015 NGO Forum (18-19 May) provided a space for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to meet among themselves and agree on a collective civil society vision for education post-2015, as well as reflect on strategies for civil society engagement in the post-2015 education agenda. The WEF 2015 seeks to galvanize the education community around a common vision for Education 2030, leading to agreement in principle on a comprehensive Framework for Action and the adoption of a Declaration. The WEF’s outcome will be fully aligned to the education goal and targets of the global development agenda to be adopted at the UN High-Level Summit in September 2015, so as to ensure a single education agenda for 2015-2030. GWI Executive Director, Danièle Castle, will represent the organisation throughout the week-long event, advocating for access to lifelong, quality education for girls and women worldwide. Watch the webcast of both segments of the Forum here.