Independent membership

Independent membership

Independent membership opens IFUW’s international network to women graduates from countries where there is not yet an IFUW affiliate. If there is already a national association or federation (NFA) in your country of residence, please contact them directly to apply for membership. Membership with an IFUW national federation/association affiliate gives you automatic membership of IFUW.

If there is no national association or federation in your country, please complete the online application form to join IFUW’s international network of women graduates:

  • If you are joining IFUW for the first time, click here. (FORM NOT IN WORD PRESS & NEEDS REVIEW)

Membership of IFUW offer individual members opportunities to:

  • Gain an international perspective of women’s issues
  • Belong to an influential international non-governmental organization
  • Access an international network of educated women around the world
  • Participate in regional and global IFUW conferences, seminars and training
  • Promote your personal expertise by presenting papers, workshops or seminars
  • Gain support for the development of a national association  of graduate women to bring your national perspective to policy on women’s issues at the international level



Subscription fees

  • The annual subscription fee (based on calendar year) is 100 Swiss francs.
  • There is a special rate of 50 Swiss francs for women residing in countries with a low per capita GNI. See the list of countries that qualify.  Please note that this is based on country of residency and not country on origin.
  • Payment may be made only in Swiss francs or US dollars. IFUW does not waive fees. Please note that refunds will not be issued therefore please ensure that you pay the correct fee according to your country of residence.
  • Often national fees are the same or lower than the independent member fee. The single membership fee you would pay to the NFA would cover both your national and IFUW membership. National members have the added benefit of contacts with graduate women at the local and national level and you can participate in activities and meetings in your country of residence.
  • If you wish to renew your independent membership, click here. (FORM NOT IN WORD PRESS & NEEDS REVIEW)