Gendering Empowerment

Gendering Empowerment

Papers from the 26th GWI Conference

Graz, Austria 1998

(ISBN -2- 9700135-1-7)

” …Research, study and action are all essential ingredients of positive change. This selection of papers presented during the 26th Conference of the International Federation of University Women in Graz, Austria, demonstrates how an interdisciplinary approach can widen horizons and lead to effective ideas for societal change. The challenge for the future is to translate the research into action to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


GWI Conferences afford opportunities for members to exchange ideas, research and strategies for action. They can also show how we can build on past experiences to meet new challenges. In a world of increasing specialization, GWI can offer an opportunity for graduates to approach their own subject area from an interdisciplinary perspective. Whether we are discussing the impact of globalization in all its aspects, poverty, violence against women and girls, or the necessity of more women achieving positions of power and decision making in all sectors of society, education backed by research can lead to the implementation of positive change.


As graduate women we have a special responsibility and challenge to empower women and girls to reach their full potential and to enable them to gain the self- confidence and skills necessary to cope with the complexities of our global society.”


From the Preface by Linda Souter, President GWI

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