Highlights of the 29th IFUW Conference – Manchester 2007

Working on the Millennium Development Goals

Papers from the 29th IFUW Conference

Manchester, England 2007

The following selection of papers is taken from the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series of the 29th GWI Conference held at Manchester in August 2007.The theme of the Seminars was ‘Women Agents for Change: Working on the Millennium Development Goals’ and participants were invited to present papers related to each of the three ‘pillars’ of the Programme for Action 2004–2007: Education; The Information Society; and Human Peace and Security. The views expressed in these papers are those of the participants, not necessarily of the GWI. It should be noted that website references have been checked as at February 2008, but these are often subject to changed URLs and archiving. A Google search for the relevant title may help in these cases.




The Information Society


Human Peace And Security

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