Gender Education Project

Gender Education in Rwanda: The Uwicyeza Project

The Uwicyeza (pronounced ooh-wee-CHAY-zuh) project provides secondary school girls in Rwanda with a core foundation of critical knowledge and practical skills crucial for their own personal and professional development, as well as for participating in the development of their country as dynamic, confident and successful women.





Breaking the Barriers to Complete Education

Rwanda has made tremendous progress in gender equality over the last 20 years, and girls and women across the country have been able to enjoy rights and freedoms that were unimaginable in the recent past. The nation boasts the only female majority in parliament in the world and institutionalised gender equality. However, in the home and in communities, challenges and barriers remain that keep girls from achieving their full potential. While school enrolment is high for girls in the traditional education system in Rwanda, completion rates remain unacceptably low. Gender-based violence and discrimination remain persistent problems that severely hinder a girl’s ability to realise her full potential, become an active and productive member of the Rwandan economy, and ensure a healthy, prosperous future for herself, her family and her community.

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An Investment in Girls is an Investment in a Community’s Future

Complementary programmes to support girls’ personal and professional development are needed to ensure that girls have all of the resources and training they need to excel personally and professionally, and to contribute to positive social and economic development in the country. The Uwicyeza Project engages girls in six key topics to support a young woman’s personal and professional development:

  1. Basic Gender Knowledge
  2. Leadership
  3. Gender-based Violence Awareness
  4. Networking & Career Building
  5. Community Activism
  6. Effective Mentoring Relationships

Uwicyeza Project works hand in hand with Rwandan women to build a strong and prosperous nation where girls and young women are drivers of positive social and economic progress, at every level of society in Rwanda.




The Benefits of Uwicyeza

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Improved public speaking and personal presentation skills
  • Hands-on practical experience with project management that has a positive social impact
  • Invaluable mentoring relationships with Rwanda’s successful women leaders
  • Vital gender knowledge
  • Awareness of gender based violence and resources available to victims


The Uwicyeza project was created by GWI member, Katie Carlson and the Paper Crown Institute in collaboration with GWI.


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