2009 – 2010 Uganda BRPID Project

Uganda BRPID Project 

Skills Building and Sexual Reproductive Health Education Project

Uganda Association of University Women

Uganda1In 2008 the Uganda Association ran a successful income generating skills training project for young single teen mothers which also provided courses on child care and parenting.  The project provided a much needed community support structure for young mothers.  This model was adapted in 2009/2010 to include courses for an equally vulnerable group of girls, school drop-outs.

20 young girls, who were school drop-outs, orphans and casual workers/house maids were trained to make beads (paper, plastic and clay beads) and in bead threading.  Participants were also shown how to market their products.  Project organizers hoped that once trained, the girls would be able to participate in the training of others.

In addition to the skills training, a training workshop was held for the girls on reproductive health issues, including HIV/AIDS.  A simple pre-training and post-training questionnaire was used to gauge participants’ understanding and to test knowledge and measure changes in attitude and behavior on completion of the course.

Course leaders reported that the project presented a number of challenges for the trainers this time as many of the girls did not have basic literacy and numeracy skills, resulting in problems with the simple tasks of measuring and drawing lines.  Some were mothers and had to bring their children with them to training and those working (house maids) had to miss training on certain days.

Parents and staff of the local primary school were involved and the progress of the girls continues to be tracked once the training is complete.

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