2009 – 2010 Turkey BRPID Project

Turkey BRPID Project 

Effect of Breast Self-Examination and Cervical Cancer Screening Education Programme on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Female Teachers in Adult Education Centres

Türk Universiteli Kadinlar Dernegi

Breast cancer and cervical cancer are the most common forms of cancer among women.  Diagnosing these cancers as early as possible greatly improves the success of treatment, but current studies in Turkey suggest that breast self-examination (BSE) is low as is the number of women taking Pap Smear Tests (PST).  New approaches to health education are needed to raise awareness among women about the importance of cancer prevention programmes.

This project assessed the impact of a particular health education programme on female teachers working in adult education centers.  A Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Conference for all female teachers in Izmir was organised by a member of the Turkish Association of University Women (TUKD).  The impact of the conference and subsequent training sessions, group discussions, lectures, demonstrations and self-examination for the 37 participating teachers was monitored and the results were analysed.  The project organizers looked at the attitudes and behavior of the teachers before and after training, and especially looked at the frequency with which the women are performing BSE and applying for mammography’s and PST.

At the end of the awareness programme, the teachers were encouraged to take on the role of health messengers, using their newly acquired knowledge to raise awareness about breast and cervical cancer and to explain the importance of early detection (through BSE and PST) to the women they teach in their Adult Education courses.

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