2009 – 2010 Nigeria BRPID Project

Nigeria BRPID Project 

Literacy Classes for Deprived Girls in Rural Areas

Nigerian Association of University Women

Nigeria-class-pictureThe national literacy level in Nigeria is estimated to be well below 50% with girls and women forming the bulk of the illiterate. In rural areas this problem is sometimes compounded by the fact that not many girls are going to school at all. In Nigeria there is free basic primary education for all, but there are still fees to be paid for uniforms, writing materials etc. In the poorest and most deprived areas there are many families who cannot pay these fees.

Members of the Nigerian Association of University Women worked in a rural community in south eastern Nigeria providing classes in English and Mathematics for girls between the ages of 10 and 13 who are no longer in school and who have fallen behind with their studies. The project ran for nine months from March 2010 and was intended to serve as a “stepping stone”, giving basic literacy and numeracy skills to help the girls catch up and to encourage them to go back into the national education system.Nigeria-girls-going-to-clas

Twelve girls participated in the project and all were put forward by community leaders. Local leaders, parents and teachers were involved in the project, which was being organised and evaluated by NAUW members.


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