2009 – 2010 India BRPID Project

India BRPID Project 

Professional & Vocational Skills Development – Training the Trainers

Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations

India-girlsIn 2008, the Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations (IFUWA) ran a Counselling Programme and Career Fair for girls between the ages of 14 and 17 in schools throughout India.  The project helped to transform discriminatory social attitudes, create awareness on the importance of literacy and encourage girls from poor and underprivileged sections of society to continue through High School and beyond to a job/career.

A new component of the project introduced in 2009 trained high school teachers to conduct school counselling programmes themselves.  85 teachers attended a training workshop run by IFUWA members from September 2009 onwards, to help understand and evaluate career choices.  The teachers were also shown how to administer and evaluate an aptitude test and were given the required training to administer an interest inventory test which covered 13 broad areas of career options for students.


This project has so far helped teachers from 28 schools to acquire the skills to confidently handle careers guidance for girls in High Schools.  IFUWA members in seven branches have been involved together with teachers, school administrators, university staff, vocational institute staff, the Lions Club, the Rotary Club and the Soroptimists.

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