2009 – 2010 Georgia BRPID Project

 Georgia BRPID Project 

Weekend School for Girls

Georgia Association of University Women

The break-up of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990?s resulted in radical political, social and economic changes in the Caucasus region. The armed conflict between Georgia, Russia and the autonomous break-away territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia resulted in many people being displaced.

This project was based at the “Bakhtrioni Hotel” in Tblisi, a building housing some 1000 refugees from Abkhazia in crowded conditions.  Many of the refugee children showed signs of depression, stress or psychological problems and many did not attend school for fear of persecution.

The project was aimed at 40 displaced girls from Abkhazia, aged 12-17, who were living in the hotel. It aimed to ease the symptoms of stress and depression found among the girls and encouraged valuable learning experiences. A first floor room, renovated by the Red Cross was used as the school room at weekends and displaced teachers (also resident in the hotel) gave the classes. The girls learnt computer skills, English language, music, drawing, handicrafts and were given lessons in photography and video making. The Georgian Association of University Women helped with implementation and evaluation of the project. They were helped by the Rustaveli Society and a committee of parents and psychologists, doctors and other specialists.

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