2008 Russia BRPID Projects

 Russia BRPID Projects 

Russia: Research Project on Working Mothers

Federation of University Women (Russia)

The Federation of University Women (Russia) developed and tested a unique survey in 2007, in the public and private sector, to look at conditions for working mothers, assessing issues to be addressed in balancing work and family life, and identifying critical barriers to the return to the workplace for mothers.

The resulting report led to recommendations being made by Moscow City Government for employers and trade unions to facilitate the re-entry of mothers into the work force. Recommendations made and acted on included re-entry training, on-site child-care provision and working mother support groups.

Following on from this success, RFUW organised and presented a series of seminars in 2008 for companies to facilitate and encourage the return to work for mothers of small children. Eight seminars were planned for a total of 240 managers, enabling them to develop a family-friendly policy for their employees. The realisation of this project is expected to improve the working situation for about 50,000 working mothers in Moscow.

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