2008 Romania BRPID Projects

Romania BRPID Projects 

Romania’s Culture – an Integral Part of European Culture

Asociatiei Nationale A Femeilor Cu Diploma Universitara Din Romania

Post-communist Romania has seen a breakdown in social values and civic responsibilities and an increase in immoral acts, prostitution and illegal drug trafficking. Many young people no longer feel a sense of loyalty and responsibility to their families and their homeland and are seeking to emigrate.

This project aimed to help young people, particularly young women, develop a sense of personal responsibility for their own lives, and a sense of identification with their native country. Monthly conferences for parents and teenagers were organised for secondary school pupils by the Romanian Association of University Women, (ANFDUR) in Bucharest and Rusciori, with follow-up debates and workshops. Topics covered included, decision-making, health care, self- management, love and respect.

The project also attempted to show young people how to appreciate the rich culture and history of Romania, by introducing the works of national writers, philosophers, poets and artists. Between January and December 2008 a number of main cultural events and visits were organized in Bucharest, Alexandria, Sibiu, Giurgiu and Kyrenia. These included cultural events in museums, art galleries, schools and culture centres with introduction to the works of Friedrich Teutsch, Nicolae Tonitza and Valile Grigore.

The group also organised German language summer camps for over 8,500 pupils and training opportunities for gypsy children.

The large number of activities ensured that many ANFDUR members throughout the country were involved in this project.

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