2008 Costa Rica BRPID Projects

Costa Rica BRPID Projects 

Costa Rica: Dental Health Project for Women and Children

Asociación Costarricenesé de Mujeres Universitarias

brprid2005-1 (1)Concerned by a high absentee rate and poor performance of elementary school pupils in a marginal area, the Cartago branch of ACMU and the dentistry faculty of a San Jose university have joined forces to set up a community dental clinic in the “Carlos Monge Alfaro” school in Ochomogo, Cartago.

Since the project began in 2002, more than 400 children have been checked in a successful operation by a team of 11 doctors and nurses. The majority of patients checked received free dental treatment and instruction in oral hygiene and dental care.

Teachers have reported a noticeable improvement in the performance of the children in school and increased attendance levels.

In 2006 the project was expanded to include first and second grade pupils and in 2007, the project was further extended to include all students up to sixth grade. In additions, teachers, school administrative staff and mothers were also treated and received instruction on oral hygiene and dental care.

In 2008 the number of dental staff was increased to 14 to give more cover, and provide more efficient monitoring and follow-up care and treatment.

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