Strengthening the Contribution of Higher Education & NGOs in EFA

Strengthening the Contribution of Higher Education & NGOs in EFA

March 2009 – In June 2008, the Working Group on Education for All (EFA) of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee organized a workshop in Paris to discuss how NGOs could work closer with the higher education community to achieve the six UNESCO Education For All (EFA) goals.


Recent reports have stressed gaps between the goals set at the EFA World Forum 2000 in Senegal and the achieved results. It has been recognized that the contribution of NGOs and universities is essential in achieving the goals. The workshop discussed how universities, cooperating closely with public institutions and civil society, have a major role to play. Many examples of cooperation exist, yet they are often rarely or poorly known. These need to be identified and promoted to increase their chances of success, as well as, to draw lessons from encountered difficulties and failures.


The workshop also presented examples of successful partnerships between universities and NGOs in Latin America and Africa. Participants bore witness to concrete examples of cooperation and strategies for building stronger partnerships were discussed.

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