Australia: AFGW – Mentoring with momentum

Australia: AFGW – Mentoring with momentum

australia-mentoring-event-2012-300x224This activity supports: GWI Policy Resolution 2010, No. 1

An extremely successful evening was held on 22nd February 2012, by the Brisbane Branch of Graduate Women Qld co-sponsored by Griffith University and The Brisbane Institute. Griffith provided the venue and assisted with the catering, and The Brisbane Institute was able to identify and invite potential mentors.


The response was overwhelming, and we were very sorry to have to turn people away once we’d reached our ideal number of 10 mentors – 5 men and 5 women. We also had a full complement of thirty mentorees. The Mentoring with Momentum event was the brainchild of one our newer members, Georgina Malcolm, who had been the Associate Member Coordinator prior to her graduation, whereupon she was eligible to become a full member. It also responded to previous market research undertaken prior to setting up the Brisbane Branch, which indicated young women were very keen to have access to high quality mentoring opportunities.


The evening had been targeted at women from the Business and Commerce areas, although a few others had heard about it through the grapevine and registered anyway. Mentors were all highly successful people in their field, offering expertise ranging from change-management through to marketing and public relations. We are very grateful to these extremely busy people for giving so generously of their time.


Prior to the event, mentorees were provided with a bio of each mentor. On the evening, mentors met mentorees in small groups for 10 minutes per group. Every group was able to meet with 5 mentors. Following this, opportunity was provided for networking over drinks and canapés.


Every effort was made to match mentorees with their preferred mentor. Over the next few months, it is anticipated that mentors will meet with their mentorees on three or four occasions, and organisers will check in with all parties to ensure everything is going smoothly.


In her closing remarks for the evening, the President encouraged everyone to join Graduate Women Qld, and one mentor signed up on the night. Feedback indicates that all attendees were delighted at the opportunities provided by the event.


– Dr Ann Stewart, President, Brisbane Branch Graduate Women Qld

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