Briefing at US Mission to UN by members of the US delegation to CSW58


Briefing at US Mission to UN by members of the US delegation to CSW58


Ambassadors Elizabeth Cousens, Cathy Russell, Betty King and Sharon Kotak and other members of the delegation and their staff as well as Mission staff and the White House were represented. There was a question and answer period.


Main points:

  • Women and girls are development actors and vital agents of change. They are not just beneficiaries of development. The US is looking at barriers to economic empowerment.
  • Gender based violence, both in the home and outside, and particularly in areas of conflict and including on the internet. US has an action plan on Women, Peace and Security. US is making sure that there is no back tracking on agreed conclusions from last year’s CSW on violence against women and girls, including early forced marriage.
  • The US supports gender equality as a stand alone goal and gender mainstreaming across all goals. It supports quality secondary education, women’s reproductive rights, inclusion of women in decision making at all levels and securing safe access to safe food and water.
  • The US is working with many groups and agencies  to achieve these goals including with youth. The delegation has a youth observer at the UN.
  • A concern that needs to be more fully addressed and acted on is the alarming death rate from non-communicable diseases affecting all regions but more particularly developed countries.                                                                                                        


Sophie Turner Zaretsky

March 11, 2014