18th Session of Human Rights Council Opens – GWI UN Reps Report

18th Session of Human Rights Council Opens – GWI UN Reps Report

council_opener_intIn her opening address to the 18th Session of the Human Rights Council, Navanethem Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, stressed the impact of recent tragic developments in the world. She in particular highlighted the food crisis in the Horn of Africa and the economic crisis in other parts of the world. The effects of these are a wave of drastic social cuts in the budgeting of many Member States, resulting in potential retrogressions in the level of achievement of economic, social and cultural rights.

In such a situation, she noted, there is a great risk that the most vulnerable, women and children, minorities, indigenous peoples and people with disabilities will not receive the protection they need during the emergency period and even later.

She was also concerned about young people’s future due the economic situation and stressed that consideration had to be taken so as to permit their full enjoyment of all human rights, including the right to work.

She stressed that human rights’ issues, such as education, employment and the opportunity of a life with dignity, had to be considered in addressing the situation.

Hillevi Perraudin Coordinator of GWI UN Representatives, Geneva

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