Hegg Hoffet Regulations


1. Purpose

The GWI Hegg Hoffet Fund provides assistance to women graduates and, in special cases, women tertiary students, who have been displaced as a result of war or political upheavals, natural disasters, or other serious emergencies.


2. Eligibility

2.1. Short term grants to individual women graduates, and in special cases women tertiary students, are offered for refresher courses for re-entry into the candidate’s professional field, retraining courses if the candidate is not able to practice her previous profession, lay courses for integration into the new country and courses necessary to pass required national exams in the new country.

2.2. In the case of designated donations having been received specifically for the relief of serious natural disasters, GWI national federations and associations may apply for short-term grants on behalf of women graduates or tertiary students who have suffered hardship due to the disaster and who wish to continue their work or their higher education studies.


3. Administration

3.1. The Fund is administered by Graduate Women International (previously the International Federation of University Women, IFUW).

3.2. The Fund shall be held in an account separate from the general funds of GWI in the country of the GWI Headquarters.

3.3. The GWI Hegg Hoffet Committee, appointed by the GWI Board of Officers, is responsible for assessing all applications for assistance, allocating grants, contacting grantees, and fundraising.

3.4. GWI Headquarters is responsible for the financial administration of the fund, including accounting and payments to beneficiaries.

3.5. All donations are to be received and acknowledged by GWI Headquarters. The Convener shall be notified of all such donations.


4. Assistance to Individuals

4.1. In the case of short term grants to individual women graduates, candidates must submit an application form to the Hegg Hoffet Committee.

4.2. The Committee shall communicate its decision to candidates within sixty days of receipt of the request for assistance and supporting documentation. Such decisions shall be taken by consensus. In the event of disagreement on the awarding of a grant, the case shall be referred to the GWI Board of Officers for final decision.


5. Assistance in Case of Natural Disasters

5.1. In case of serious natural disasters, such as earthquakes, national federations and associations may submit a request that the GWI Board of Officers authorize a special appeal for financial assistance to be addressed to other GWI national federations and associations and their members.

5.2. If approved by the Board, the Hegg Hoffet Committee shall work with the national federation or association applying for assistance to draft the appeal and to set guidelines for the use of the donations. All resulting donations shall be paid to the national federation or association, which in turn shall be responsible for selection of the local recipients and for reporting to the Hegg Hoffet Committee on the allocation of the funds.

5.3. Only funds so designated by the donors may be used for this purpose.


6. Payment of Grants and Accounts

6.1. The GWI Executive Offcer shall promptly make all payments to the beneficiaries upon written authorization from the Convener of the Hegg Hoffet Committee, and where required from the Board of Officers, and shall notify the Convener after so doing.

6.2. The GWI Executive Officer shall provide an annual report of the Fund to the Convener of the Committee and shall make financial information, such as copies of bank statements, available to the Committee as needed.

6.3. The GWI Financial Officer is responsible for preparing an annual financial account to be integrated in the GWI annual audited accounts.


7. Amendments

Subject to the provisions of the GWI Constitution and By-laws, amendments to these regulations may be proposed by the Hegg Hoffet Committee or the Board of Officers and must be approved by the Board of Officers after consultation with the Committee.

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