The Indian Federation of University Women’s Association (IFUWA)

The Indian Federation of University Women’s Association (IFUWA) to organize awareness campaigns and petition the government for the implementation of stricter measures

Human trafficking is a major concern in India. The borders of Pakistan in the West, Bangladesh in the East and Nepal in the North are functioning as corridors for trafficking in young girls and women especially coming from a middle and lower economic background. They are being trafficked in return for money and ultimately sustain themselves through prostitution. Their dignity and security is thus a matter of concern and responsibility for the Indian Government and its people. IFUWA proposes to: hold seminars and panel discussions to raise public awareness on the issue; collaborate and partner with other NGOs to increase its impact; identify anti-trafficking agencies; involve the media, community and students in the organization of effective campaigns and organize a petition urging the government to implement stricter measures to take care of the situation.

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