Conference Minutes

Conference Minutes

Conference Minutes

33rd Triennial General Assembly, 25-26 August 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Adopted 33rd Triennial General Assembly Minutes

32nd Triennial General Assembly, 21-23 August 2016, Cape Town, South Africa

31st Triennial Conference, 17-19 August 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

30th Triennial Conference, 5-9 August 2010, Mexico City, Mexico

‘Blue Book’ reports

  • 31st Conference – Report of the Thirty First Conference, Part One and Part Two
  • 30th Conference – Report of the Thirtieth Conference and of the 90th and 91st Council Meetings, Part One and Part Two
  • 29th Conference – Report of the Twenty–Ninth Conference and of the 88th & 89th Council Meetings, Part One and Part Two
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