The Indian Federation of University Women’s Association…

The Indian Federation of University Women’s Association (IFUWA) holds meeting on financial literacy

IFUWA held a meeting on financial literacy on 26th October 2010. The Federation considers it imperative to provide Indian women with a thorough knowledge of financial literacy in order to make them self-reliant. Lack of financial literacy prevents women from participating and contributing to financial matters either in their domestic or public lives. Knowledge in this area will lead to decision-making ability. It will also provide women with financial management skills.

The IFUWA proposes to ensure that programs on financial literacy are widely available and that women with no or low knowledge are identified and educated. The Federation supports the organization of vocational training classes which would teach women how to make products, sell them and manage the finances generated. It also lobbies its government to create mandatory policy to ensure that women coming from different socio-economic strata are able to participate in financial literacy programmes.